Current Doctoral Research

“The evaluation and design of the adult self-directed learning opportunities afforded by heritage institutions”

Doctoral research is being undertaken at the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester with Dr Giasemi Vavoula .

The research questions to be addressed are:

  • What support is available for the self-directed adult learner in heritage institutions?
  • How effective are the existing conceptual models of learning taxonomies in designing and evaluating the opportunities for learning in heritage institutions?
  • How important are concepts such a ‘social capital’ or  ‘cultural-enablement’ in supporting the policy and practice of educational opportunities afforded by heritage institutions for adult learners?
  • How is the contemporary heritage institutions changing, in response to emerging digitally enabled andragogical[1] and heutagogical[2] opportunities?

[1] Andragogy defines a process of learning and teaching where the attention is focussed on the individual learner, rather than the pedagogical approach that focuses on the teacher. Alexander Kapp first introduced the term andragogik in 1833 in Platon’s Erziehungslehre (Plato’s Educational Ideas).

[2] Heutagogy is the study of self-determined learning. Whilst andragogy is concerned with effective learner focussed learning, heutagogy also requires that educational opportunities enhance the learners’ ability to learn and enable self-directed and self-conscious learning.

One Response to PhD

  1. […] I look forward to sharing this research through this online space at a hearing the views of others. As a doctoral program it will have its own pace, its own problems, challenges, obstacles, boundaries and opportunities. […]

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