Poster for Taxonomies of Educational Objectives

New A1 Poster – Taxonomy Circles

This new poster draws together my recent work on powerful visualisations of taxonomies of educational objectives. Further details are available here. There is an online workshop coming and face-to-face workshops are possible.

Simon holding the Taxonomy Poster
Simon holding the Taxonomy Poster
Simon Paul Atkinson's Poster of Taxonomy Circles
A1 Poster for four domains of educational objectives

Now available for sale. Sized A1 (84.1 x 59.4 cm / 23.4″ x 33.1″) printed on 250gsm silk paper. Dispatched in a roll tube.

Price includes post and packaging anywhere in the world.

Visit my parallel site at and order from secure Paypal site, using your Paypal account or credit card. Sold at cost any profits will be donated to the Stroke Association.

Author: Simon Paul Atkinson

Educational developer, educational technologist, social scientist, e-learning researcher, practitioner, advisor. Experienced presenter and facilitator. Associate Dean (Teaching Enhancement) BPP University UK

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