Simon - December 2017
Simon – December 2017

Do you believe that elegant and effective course designs benefit both your students and faculty? Do you feel that course design teams work best when they collectively pursue a process designed to match students’ needs? Do you see efficient learning design neither as a ‘dark art’ nor a scientific process, but as a craft?

I do.

My passion is for effective educational design in higher education. I believe that global higher education needs elegant, flexible and constructively aligned learning design in order meet both societal demands and students’ expectations.

My contribution to this cause is to share personal, original, visualisations of models of educational design as widely as possible to be used by educators and policy makers.

I advocate efficient and effective higher education course and programme design, through use of educational taxonomies, constructive alignment, SOLE model, and learning design models.  My scholarship, research, and writings aim to share adaptable and customisable visualisations of these themes in order to facilitate institutional and personal change in higher education.

I invite you to read and share your insights.